January 27, 2021

Tarot Weekly Prediction From 12th Oct To 18th Oct 2020

ARIES You shall be fired up around themes of employability, money, networking, new endeavors and your public image. The cosmos puts a lot of focus on creating long lasting relationships, partnerships which benefits you personally and professionally. You will need to be more giving, sharing, and adjusting.

TAURUS The cosmos brings new energy in area of creativity, love, how you think, and that letting your inner child at play shall bring back happiness or success that you so yearn for. You shall be charged up to improve your daily routine, to cater to emotional and physical wellbeing. Remain flexible, be open to views.

GEMINI Career matters looks promising this week. There is also a focus on balance, and need to slow down, take each task at a time as delays, technical snafu and confusion arises. You may to rework on a plan or pickup that health care routine. Spontaneity in love matters shall bring some fun back.

CANCER If you had felt like carrying the weight of the world, Perhaps you have set the bar to high, taken too much responsibilities, or have kept unrealistic goals. This week brings the focus on your home life, family, and the need to address some foundational matters. Make yourself comfortable, tend to family needs & recharge

LEO You may feel the need to reflect on your family ties, roots, to reconnect with a loved one and revisit your memories as there lies plenty of guidance. There are setbacks that you faced, but cosmos nudges you to stand your ground, re built your emotional forte to reclaim your position. Reconnect, network, socialize.

VIRGO Securing yourself financially and self assuredness in emotions is your topmost priority this week. Further it could be challenging to think creatively or to have meaningful communication with others , without a snafu. Sidestep drama, with your community, as tempers flare, confusion arises. Learn to keep your balance.

LIBRA  This week nudges you to look into your financial and emotional security, to examine where you can improvise in order to move forward with gusto. Align your thoughts and actions, to secure, strategize. Further you would be energized to rework on your branding, how you walk into the world, personal goals.

SCORPIO As there would be a plenty of cosmic focus on your personal self, of how you process your thoughts, where you need healing, the sense of self comes first. You have to revise your strategy on your personal goals, in order to do so, you may have to take a step back, hold on  and examine, introspect, manifest.

SAGITTARIUS You will want to be a part of community, and to build stronger bonds. Further it is time to recalibrate your thoughts, in order to move on you may need to take a  step back in order to gain clarity. Internal conflict may arise, and you may need to go solo with your plans. Use this time to sort out your strategies

CAPRICORN You may have to look back and examine where you fell short in group projects to gain a fresh perspective about your own way of interaction with world. Your concerns regarding career and public image may need a revamp of your own strategies. The ideal way would be to retract, recharge, reorganize.

AQUARIUS Review your plans in career realms. If something was stuck it is best time to bring this forward and present your case. You would want to break the monotony and take a leap of faith towards new learning, and exposure. You are nudged to soak in new knowledge, skill set and to adjust your own beliefs.

PISCES You may need to reflect whether your closest relationships are fulfilling or not, themes around codependency, joint finances. Trust your intuition here. Perhaps the area of an intimate bond needs revival or relook. There can be confusions aplenty with dearest ones, but know to hold on, before responding.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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