January 21, 2021

Tarot Weekly Prediction From 14th Sep To 20th Sep 2020

ARIES You would be inspired to work on creating a better plan for improvement in career. Working on a step by step plan would be fruitful. Management of time is important, so is, how you operate yourself on a daily basis, whether or not you are giving equal importance to your physical and emotional well being. Be patient , find your emotional balance, while dealing with others.

TAURUS  There is a much needed relief and balance in sight from here. Your efforts and vision towards your creative freedom, free thinking, towards some artistic pursuits, and in Love shall show signs of coming together. If you had felt compressed with daily work and unable to look into aspects of self care, you would be more determined to take corrective steps towards it.

GEMINI It is a transformative time for your emotional bonds, thought process, your belief system. Look within yourself, reflect on your deepest desires and reconnect with the outside world, which now would be very gratifying. You may at times, this week, could be, day dreaming about a love matter or being too optimistic about some financial arrangement. Keep a reality check all time.

CANCER The tug from personal responsibilities, domestic duties and career goals could seemingly drain you, this is where you may need a balance. It is a good week to network, build contacts for professional and personal benefits. Opportunities shall appear with your money making ideas. Relationships have an opportunity to heal and repair wherever needed.

LEO Things, if they looked stressful, avoid tendency to go against the wind, rather slow down, take some time away from chaos to peacefully reflect upon your personal, ambitions, dreams to carefully investigate the obstacles and take calm steps to remove those one by one. This week shall bring a chance to devise a new strategy to bolster your income generation plan, should you be diligent in planning

VIRGO If you had felt overwhelmed with responsibilities and attention pulled in many directions that made you exhausted it is imperative to remind yourself that being joyful, being flexible, free thinking and allowing pleasure in to your life could be gratifying. It is a chance to begin on a fresh slate , to get clear on personal objectives for future and prioritize, to make your everyday life an wholesome.

LIBRA  If you had felt strong emotional waves, of being compressed, confusion or a fear, you are invited to examine and do a reality check, assess what can be done in order to maintain your emotional center in order to proceed ahead. Certain relationships may need your change in heart and approach in order to work through the differences. Avoid snap judgments and critical behavior.

SCORPIO You could feel like throwing caution to the wind to be prompted making a major chance in direction regarding career realms or a long term professional or personal partnership. People bring in tremendous opportunities for growth, hence network, strengthen your ties with personal and professional circle or in a group project and joint affairs. The need to be resilient in your efforts is important

SAGITTARIUS You will feel motivated in the area of income and career goals or even in a  close partnership. As you become confident and self assured, take steady steps, to improve your self worth and capacity, as if u rush you may stumble. Carefully examine your long term career goals,  if something feels right take it up.  The week has abundance of opportunities thrown your way for growth.

CAPRICORN  You are invited to take to adventure, new learning, researching and expanding your horizon. Free yourself from the thoughts and paranoia of past events that did not work out for you. Motivation shall be in abundance to achieve  but do not be in a hurry as often when we rush, we stumble. Relationships are supportive and shows signs of improvement where needed.

AQUARIUS You are looking deeper into workings of close connections, a loved one, subconscious is sending strong messages. A chapter of life in that area with some learning. If you are giving more than you receive from your closest connections it is time to change your approach. This week throws light on financial or emotional interdependence, entanglements which you are to keep in mind for future ahead.

PISCES The realms Long term partnerships, relationships and Your social circle is highlighted, a chance to improve those  and to receive the emotional support. You shall find the connections you most cherish improving and gratifying. Finances would need a fresh start in approach, look into the aspects of your self worth, financial security, income matters, and monetary Interdependence.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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