January 27, 2021

Tarot Weekly Prediction from 15th June to 21st June 2020

ARIES  This week nudges you to look into work and life balance. Relationships for the center of your thoughts, memories, reunion to long lost friends and family members possible. You may wish to foster warm bonds around you. The week brings plenty of energy into career realms an accomplishments. However with some fierce energies you could tend to get into tiff with some important people.

TAURUS  You are entering a week for complete transformation of Head and Heart balance, transformation of your thought processes and approach towards the world. The week shall take you down the memory lane, poking you to reconnect with some dear friends, family, enquiring about their well being. Communication can get skewed at times, but patient energies are also  available

GEMINI  Revise your policies around Income, Monetary security and steps towards creating value, of things important to you. The week has introspective energies and a chance to rework your working and thinking patterns. It is a week inviting you to change and alter patterns that shall be for your highest good in near future. Communication can get intense at times, emotions heightened.

CANCER A week of introspection and review of your individual self. Your past actions, patterns, conduct vis a vis how you want to operate in the next phase of life. There could be immense energies and motivation towards getting your world sorted, of what is working or not. Conflicted energies could at times put you in loggerheads, make sure you manifest the right thing. Be calm and clear.

LEO  A Big week for you for soul searching, meditate, find out what you learnt in the process till now and where can you modify or renew. You may be more private than usual, take time off if needed. The week pokes you hard at times to begin your inward journey go through your thinking patterns. It is also a powerful week to strategize your next phase of life in all areas that is needed.

VIRGO Your social circle and patterns how you connects with people is under review this week. Possibilities of reconnection with long lost people is possible. It is also a time to connect to your higher consciousness and take up Learning, Meditative practices or even plans that you swept under the carpet. Try to keep your objectives and goals in Mind, as your routine could get interrupted.

LIBRA  Allow yourself to follow your intuition and what heart feels right. It is a week to strengthen your bonds, show kindness to all those you care, without keeping any expectation, as giving will give u peace. Career has lot of focus this week. You shall find a lot of motivation and energy to push your goals. There could be hiccups too but you are not the one to delve or worry.

SCORPIO  You would like to tune into your higher consciousness and perhaps take interest in spiritualism, figuring out purpose of your  Life, taking up a learning program which is aligned to your highest objectives of career and life. This week nudges you to review your long term goals, how are you aligned to your life purpose. It is time to slow down and review your present situation.

SAGITTARIUS  The week invited you to look deeper and trace the source of your unhappiness or discomfort of any kind,  of an intimate bond or even your financial dependency. Issues which are making you riled up at a deeper level can surface, but healing energies are also available. You shall be a renewed version once you go through this phase of transformation.

CAPRICORN  Long term personal and professional connections are under review, also the same is in a zone potent to create spiteful conditions due to inner irritability growing inside of you. The week has balancing energies as well in areas of Love, partnership and financial projects. Look to create a balance in all areas of life, pull back when needed, act only with a motive to protect what you already got.

AQUARIUS  Daily routine and healthcare regime is under review as the week nudges you to take these things more seriously for a better future. Donot ignore your mental health and a Productive, wholesome, satisfying Daily Lifestyle to ensure productivity, Maintenance of your self. Operate with an intention to let go off Habits that no longer serve you and adopting practices that are needed. Find out how you can make your life smoother, by attending to  the small  finer details.

PISCES  Perhaps you may need to work hard to keep your romantic, spontaneity and creative thoughts flowing. This week also nudges to look into your creative self expression, of how much have you let your inner child to operate. Follow your heart, try to infuse love and romance into an intimate relationship. Approach Love with a new perspective. Follow your heart and let go off the past pains.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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