May 31, 2020

Tarot Weekly Prediction from 18th May to 24th May 2020

ARIES  Your life is going to be busy for some time ahead as communication and correspondence increases in many areas of your life. Allow yourself some break to bet in touch with your real self. You are allowed to express all that you are holding back, the pains, ideas, and even brainstorming sessions with others. Your mental realms need peace and quiet times, make some time for that.

TAURUS  The concept of value is highlighted this week and ahead. You are focused on finances and the process you would like to create material security in future. The issues are also highlighted and you are ready to think about it seriously. It is an opportune period to research, brainstorm, discuss and take advice, as you would find yourself laying down a concrete plan for future.

GEMINI  It is a week to shine. You shall find the spotlight on you in many areas of life. Your self esteem and matters of self worth is highlighted. You are willing to communicate your thoughts and also be heard by those who matter. Confidence shall be available to take a stand and voice your opinion in a lucid manner. It is also an opportune week to reflect on thoughts & Plans, also to take action 

CANCER Over this week and further you shall be more than ready to reflect on your hidden dreams, subconscious and spiritual alignment to balance your life. You shall feel more private as the hidden insecurities surface. It is a good time to research, do the home work for all that you wish to display at a later time. It is a time for healing an bringing back the emotional stability which eluded you.

LEO  This week you shall feel the desire to make meaningful friendships and social connections and allows you to open up to the world. You shall be able to convert your desires, past pains and dreams to put them in the implementation process in a physical sense. You shall be motivated to remove the wrenches thrown in the way of  a peaceful more balanced life.

VIRGO Career  is blessed this week and further. You shall be able to gain accolades for your skill and talent by those who matter. Try to Visualize your growth path and find smart moves to reach there without being burnt out in the process. Relationships and Love matters are stable. Need for work and life balance, inclusion of self care, moderation. Be less resistant more flexible to changes

LIBRA  This week allows you to seek, knowledge and to allow your actions to be guided by your heart,  aligned to your higher consciousness. It is a time for mental expansion, exploration and research. Let yourself out of your comfort zones and shed all your preconceived concepts. Love  and relationships are blessed should you operate from a place of least resistance and follow heart.

SCORPIO  You shall be drawn towards a phase of transformation within self and with your heart mate. It is an opportune week and ahead, to connect at a deeper level with someone you love and also to discuss issues which could be an hindrance in the connection. Financial matters  are also highlighted. Your hard work and clear intention will be paid off in these matters.

SAGITTARIUS You are nudged to exercise emotional maturity, internal power to cultivate long term relationships, personal or professional, grow them to withstand the test of time. Any issues acting as an hindrance is also highlights or brought to discuss. Set the intention to bring an emotional balance and equal reciprocity within key partnerships.   

CAPRICORN  You shall be willing to amp up your daily health and self pampering routine. You shall be able to be productive this week, also to schedule, organize and bring about a sense of routine in daily work. Work had a favorable week as you are more than able to express your thoughts, ideas eloquently to the outside world. You shall feel excited and  satisfied with being busy  with your daily work.

AQUARIUS  You are nudged to function from a  place of least resistance towards what shall give you joy, this includes, matters of Love, Passionate endeavors, Projects which are close to your heart. It is a good week for creative professionals. The stress of past , seems to lessen  and you shall be in a more joyous mood. You are also very eloquent, intelligent this week. Pursue what gives you a sense of fulfillment, be your own muse.

PISCES  You shall be able to express yourself more eloquently than before to your loved ones in the family. The issues in family are highlighted this week and you shall be able to voice your opinion, without the fear of facing any resistance. It is a supportive period to do healing some in domestic matters which you had chosen to keep quiet about. Create a stronger foundation in matters important.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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