July 4, 2020

Tarot Weekly Prediction from 1st June to 7th May 2020

ARIES  You are invited to open up, emotionally and without apprehensions to your loved ones, friends and family. This week you shall feel the pull from different directions, to explore, and leave your comfort zone, yet not loosing your peace and identity. Follow your intuition as those are powerful this week. Let them be the guiding force towards bringing that change, which you are craving for.

TAURUS  This week nudges you to look at those skills and passionate projects which you  enjoy and align them with your money making zone. Communication is supported. You may need to look into a close connection or a heart mate. It is a week for change at a deeper level, regarding matters of financial independence. It is also time to look seriously into your intimate relationships or a heart mate.

GEMINI  You shall be buoyant, confident and inspired towards your personal goals. You may feel the nudge to express your emotions and love towards someone or to those whom you care for. It is a week to look into equal reciprocity in your closest connections and let go off where you feel not being received well. It is a powerful week to Get clarity, and decide on a path you want to travel.

CANCER Face your fears, let go off hurtful experiences, insecurities and move towards positivity, inspiration this week. You are nudged to look into your daily work and productivity including health matters. Be delicate and calm in handling relationship matters. This  which has realizations, insights, information and chances of communication derailment. Find your emotional center.

LEO It is a week to network, communicate, and build your social circle. You shall wish to socialize, re-establish the connections and motivated to operate out of your comfort zone. This week nudges you to look into matters of Love, intimacy, creative expression and passionate projects which are in the back burner. Strive for a balance in all areas of life.

VIRGO This is a week for creative abundance, financial rewards and forward movement towards life goals. You shall feel being in the receiving end of love and appreciation. Make sure you send some kindness across to others too. It is a powerful week to look into balance in your personal and professional life. A family matter may need your attention. Strive for stronger foundation in things.

LIBRA  This is a positive and inspiring week. You are able to see light at the end of the tunnel in matters of creative expression, personal goals and passionate projects. It is a powerful week to analyze how you express and connect yourself to the world, your communication and thought process. There is a strong undercurrent to change things wherever they need to be.

SCORPIO  You want to express , love and emotions to someone special or a dear friend. You are willing to rework on your closest connections and change things from underneath. It is a powerful week to reconsider and realign the financial area and your earning source, to achieve a satisfying life ahead, also future security. It is a week to think around everything that you value most.

SAGITTARIUS  You are being nudged to look at how you connect with the outside world, how you are received by others, and how you want to position yourself for your greater good. It is a week to draw boundaries and also to look how you love yourself, and how you wish to be loved by someone. Health and self care to be included now.

CAPRICORN  This is a week which nudges you to slow down your speed, reach to your subconscious, review your goals and action plan, so as to begin with fresh energies. Past was full of self realization, information and new ideas and all these need to be aligned for your greater purpose of life. You shall be able to express yourself and position your image in a much enlightening, positive way further.

AQUARIUS  This week nudges you to rethink how you position yourself to outside world, your networking and socializing efforts, creative self expression and how you merge these areas towards enhancing your value and Income, also your future security. There are many realizations, and insights lined up for you. Find yourself, and realign your principles and plans for a better brand positioning of self. It is a week to achieve head and heart balance.

PISCES  It is a week to look into career goals and your perceptive image in the outside world. You are nudged to review if your career goals are in alignment to your personal goals. If you feel something needs change, this is a good week to pledge yourself to create that. It is a good week to improve your relationships and allow love to enter your life and remain. Relationships are harmonious

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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