January 21, 2021

Tarot Weekly Prediction from 22nd June to 28th June 2020

ARIES  Week to rejoice when almost everything that you were feeling stuck into would start falling into place. You shall see strained relationships showing signs of improvement. Work projects, Career matters which had been showing no growth with now take  forward movement. All that you need to do is to Believe that good things come to people who wait for those.

TAURUS  Things in the career realms start moving forward. Work projects and other financial endeavors which had been stuck in a loop will show positive signs of progress. You shall feel the positive vibes. The importance of a holistic lifestyle is underscored here. Make a plan to move forward the projects or plans you have. Relationship issues if any shall  remain harmonious for most of the time.

GEMINI  After all these past weeks of self reflection, emotional turbulence and sense of insecurities, you shall see a green light to finally proceed forward. Group projects and partnership endeavors shall show improvement . You shall be able to get good response from people. Also this week is a nudge to balance your emotional needs and to try to achieve a work life balance.

CANCER Forward movement in career realms. You shall be able to convince and impress some people  with your skills.  This is also a better week , when you shall feel lot of release from anxieties and strange emotional waves. If you had been contemplating some new project or endeavor this is a good week to complete the last Rain check phase. Immense change  is lined up for you.

LEO  This week a lot is in store for you in the realms of Love, intimate bonds, relationships, basically the concept of interdependency.  You shall be able to realize and feel certain important points which shall help you in future while dealing in the matters of Love. You are required to take charge of your life rather than delving. Career matters and  work projects move forward.

VIRGO Let go what is not serving you anymore  as reality nudges you to take action towards what you desire. A romantic relationship or a relationship which Is not based on equal give and take may all go through a reality check. You shall also get the energy and courage to be assertive and express in words rather than expected to be understood.  Matters of Money  and work move forward.

LIBRA   You shall be able to make a good progress in your long term goals, higher learning and ambitious goals. Small hurdles are there but you shall have the energy and emotional strength to cross those to be on the path of progress. Matters of career, long term partnerships, emotional bonds show signs of improvement and energy. It shall be a get go in things that made you feel stuck.

SCORPIO  Your romantic world and creative self expression in intimate bonds, work or career pursuits or your emotional expression is going to have a reality check. It will be a nudge when you understand the importance of working without limitations , inhibitions and apprehensions. You shall have immense energy and willingness to improve your daily work, health care and productivity.

SAGITTARIUS  Matters of Love and relationships shows signs of improvement. You shall be pursuant to joy and pleasure seeking ways. If things had been stuck in the relationship department, improvement can be felt. Passionate Projects and creative expressions shows positivity. You shall feel a surge of good vibes which reflects in your work area of any other area where you had felt stuck into.

CAPRICORN  Let your past experiences be the ones which guides you this week. Projects stuck in the past may show signs of improvement and progress. Approach matters of work with emotional guidance from your intuition to get the best results. You are fired up regarding family matters, Home related projects. Your passionate endeavors and projects also shows remarkable progress.

AQUARIUS  If you felt stuck in the area of love, you shall see some improvement. If creative endeavors, and your self expression was restricted you shall have the positive energies this week. You shall be able to think more freely, passionately and in alternatives. Learning, research regarding a particular passionate endeavor will bring good results too. You shall feel the nudge to do more, dig more.

PISCES  You shall begin a journey of reality check around your own brand and public image. Your own thought process will go through rational lens bringing in sense of clarity. Money making endeavors shall show signs of improvement. Your financial area will now benefit from logical approach and forward movement energies of this week. You are bolder and stronger.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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