June 18, 2021

Tarot Weekly Prediction From 24th Aug To 30th Aug 2020

ARIES   If you felt emotionally out of balance due to overwhelming events, you are invited to finally restore your head and heart balance, when you fine tune your connection to your intuition It would be gratifying if you step back from a tense situation connected to work and allow yourself to attend to your emotional needs, to enjoy some downtime with your ones and family.

TAURUS  You shall be tempted to take some time off to enjoy some heart to heart communication,  to take it easy from the daily mundane. You may be waiting on eagerly for some decompressing moments in certain area of life. Further you shall find it gratifying to work on a passionate project, even to connect with friends. This week nudges you that with time things evolve, have the faith.

GEMINI  Pay heed to the intuition and messages in the area of career, and make a practical, detailed roadmap towards achieving that, as you may be day dreaming an ideal situation and not taking action about it. This week has all necessary ingredients to amp up your love life, and relationships. Also negotiations could go well. Communication and artistic projects are supported, take a leap of faith.

CANCER You shall yearn for some downtime with your loved one, away from drudgery and other strenuous work responsibilities. You shall feel also the need to express, if some critical emotions you have compressed, and unable to keep it so. Further misunderstandings may arise with friends or colleagues regarding ideologies, spiritual concepts or in general due to different principles.

LEO  You are driven by emotions and your deepest desires regarding a heartmate. Take a moment away from the intensity of the situation and attending to your self shall be cathartic. Themes around Dealings with some, shared resources, joint finances shall reflect in your thoughts and wishes. You shall get a chance to speak in an articulate manner in a intelligible way which shall be satisfying.

VIRGO  Lot of emotions into play this week, from inability to express how you feel to finding an opportune moment to speak your truth to a loved one and then back to square one again. Eloquence is required while communicating your needs or discussing something important. Further creativity and imagination has a large role to play. A realistic approach is required while laying down a roadmap.

LIBRA  Career and work realms has opportunities for you. The tug between domestic duties, family matters and Career shall need to be managed with moderation. Apply logic, rationale and check facts before you make a major move, or in a negotiation, in any important conversation. You shall be spiritually inclined and also a positive energy flows to improve matters of love and relationships.

SCORPIO  You are invited to follow your impulse in matters of love and be expansive and expressive in your expressions, plans. Further do not overlook the necessary work commitment or small issues which can surprise you out of nowwhere. You shall also find conducive environment at work and In joint work projects. Be mindful of misunderstanding due to tendency to overlook the important issues.

SAGITTARIUS  This week has mystical vibes and allows you to dream with a heart mate, it may be possible you may hit a jackpot in love. Further be creative, and spontaneous in pursuing your love interest. Home and family realms are blessed for most part of the week. Limitless possibilities are coming your way pertaining to income matters. Negotiations, discussions, brainstorming shall be fruitful.

CAPRICORN  Your heart is open to love, to collaborate  and to strengthen your relationships. You are a people’s person and your communication is eloquent. Your generosity and friendliness does bring inspiration and a sense of direction. You are invited to open yourself to learning, to gather information, research on latest industry trends to further your career goals. Ride with the good vibes.

AQUARIUS  Working along with others shall be easier, you shall feel motivated towards joint projects. Soak in the information comes your way and pay head to the dreams related to income stream, take prudent decisions and make detailed plans, commit to follow through them & you shall be unstoppable. Relationships grow deeper as you seek meaningful conversations, that heals, inspires.

PISCES Allow yourself to loose in the moment with love, as well as your passionate artistic projects and let your imagination go wide with creating abundance in what you seek in whichever area of your life as they would be your soul guides towards a new journey. As much as you area a dreamer, keep holding on to logic as there are chances, you could be missing a point, think and plan practical steps.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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