July 4, 2020

Tarot Weekly Prediction from 25th May to 31st May 2020

ARIES  The focus this week is on having emotionally fulfilling relationships and creating a work life balance to bring harmony and alignment of your mind, expressions, health and spiritualism. You will be focused more on your family and loved ones, and would work towards securing their future. This is a better week. Find your own internal balance which eludes you a times.

TAURUS  Your adventurous streak and need for independence may push you towards game changing actions. However need for alignment of work and life must be kept in mind. Your mind is busy brainstorming, make sure you are not overworked or overlook some details. You  want to have a new routine which fulfills you in everyway. Your Mental realms are busy make sure your loved ones are not ignored in the process.

GEMINI  Bottled up emotions and expressions may put you in a frustration zone, try some rejuvenating techniques and ways to Love yourself more. This week you shall feel the seriousness in air in relationships or within your social circle. It is time to be less spontaneous and take a more grounded approach towards life. Try to brainstorm ideas and discuss your thoughts in a adult way, pertaining to  work or in love.

CANCER You want to collaborate and express your ideas in what-ever shape or form and willing to gather information and advices. You shall be able to bring out those plans put in the back burner and push them ahead. Newer approach in communication will help you bond well with others and a heart mate. Let go off the weight of emotions and hurts that is pinning you down.

LEO You will be able to pick yourself up from the endless cycle of self limiting, emotional patterns and being always the one in the receiving end. Allow yourself to process those thoughts once and derive the lessons you learnt from those experiences. You shall be inspired to bring a fresh perspective and courageous way to change career and your income source  to your benefit.

VIRGO Communication and Thinking process has a lot of focus this week. You shall be more sociable, Communicative and will be well received by people. You shall be inspired to drive your projects keeping the larger community in Mind. This week you will feel the inner nudge to try something new and  be bold to try an idea. Relationships are cordial but element of surprise will be there.

LIBRA  You are a go getter this week and ready to operate out of your comfort zone. You shall feel motivated to try something new and daring in your career zone. Communicating your ideas will help you to push your goals ahead. You are Courageous in matters of Love too and will like to add spontaneity in existing connections. You want to be heard and known, now.

SCORPIO  You are courageous this week in all matters, be it communicating your ideas and opinions to a higher up  or trying a new course, recipe, exploring a new option or even take up a new adventurous Objective. You are pushed to operate out of your comfort zone. Spontaneity and open communication will help in matters of love and relationship. However try not to be bashful.

SAGITTARIUS  You wish to operate out of confinement of your own thoughts particularly in area of relationship, which makes you open up more to speak for yourself and express your feelings in a courageous way. Your adventurous self wants to go out and explore new things and travel, try to channelize those energies in doable ways in the given situation of the world.

CAPRICORN  You shall be driven  and motivated to cross each milestone faster. You are nudged to be more assertive, authentic and expressive with your ideas to others, in order to enter into result oriented collaborations. Nothing seems to stop your process now towards growth. Your detailed oriented planning and courage will now be successful with those who matter.

AQUARIUS  You have will power at your disposal this week to change your outlook, daily work and even take up that ignored health care regime. You want to be productive with each given day and inch towards success. It is a busy week for you. Communicate your thoughts and technologically adept to present times to charm the kind of audience you need.  You want to up your learning curve now.

PISCES  You donot want to hold back your truth,  feelings,  desires and let them known to a loved one or a someone who matter. You shall be courageous and communicative. This week allow your inner child to play, and pursue creativity and bring inventive ways to pursue your dreams. Look for ways that gives you fulfillment in matters of Career. Be creatively inspired and stop at nothing.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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