August 11, 2020

Tarot Weekly Prediction from 27th July to 2nd Aug 2020

ARIES  Conflict within Family Members or within closest connections could be possible. Conversations May soon get combustive. Review your relationship with money and obsessively insecure thoughts about Career could ruin your emotional balance.  However this week also brings an opportunity to heal your bond with loved ones. Look to establish at work life balance.

TAURUS  For some quite sometime old memories, of Pain and some happiness could resurface, to overwhelm you with emotions. Focus only on positivity and future amazing possibilities. Tweak your lifestyle if need be, self pampering, and holistic practice would do a lot good. It is a good time to socialize. Intuitions and imaginations are fueled hence making it a creatively abundant week.

GEMINI  Beginning of the week may look misleading or confusing but the week brings around lot of opportunity for benefits in collaboration, of seeking support from the social circle. You would me able to make considerable progress for a leap of faith you had been contemplating and wishing for in your professional area. Time to manifest those endeavors, make a mental note of the roadmap.

CANCER Detach yourself from the overwhelming past experiences as the week brings enough scope to dream about future goals and conducive environment for taking that leap of faith. You can take up learning programs and make futuristic business or career plans. Be courageous to snap ties with things that donot serve you any more, that compromises your core value and worth.

LEO  If you had that your core relationships and self worth had been delicate in recent past, be ready to feel the breeze of ease this week. You shall have a refreshing new start in career matters and  ability to cultivate meaningful relationships that donot undermine your value. Love matters and matters pertaining to emotional world can be improved. Meditate upon the wishes.

VIRGO  There could be a tense square of expectations not being met in matters of relationships, emotions, and finances with a close person. Let your logical and rational side to rest and focus on holding on tight to beautiful possibilities you would see the tension dissipating. You had been withdrawn from social circle for a while, now you will find harmony in your social connections.

LIBRA   There could be confusing situations and also opportunities however clarity of direction could be elusive at first. You may need to adjust your perspective and approach. Domestic responsibilities, the pressure of future plans . Work and daily responsibilities could be tedious and so is to get along with people. Take breaks in between to return to the matter with a fresh perspective.

SCORPIO  The beginning of the week could have a rocky start but quickly enough you would find many possibilities of improving your career situation and to get recognized for your skills. Good week to improve matters of love, by allowing yourself to get caught up in the moment, express your emotions and be a little vulnerable to a loved one. It is a good week for learning and  gaining knowledge

SAGITTARIUS  With a restful start of the week, you would soon be feeling the need to break free and enjoy being adventurous in you. This week has enough creative and, networking opportunities and reaching out to your friends. Matters of love and intimacy could bring mellow emotions, but expecting a picture perfect scenario would be futile. Honest expressions, be sensitive and soft.

CAPRICORN  Keeping the harmony within a particular relationship will not be an easy task without tempering of diplomacy and sensitivity. You may be inclined to speak your truth exactly as you feel. Adjust your perspectives and have the patience that things will work out soon in a beautiful way by the end of the week.  Think you can balance our emotional, professional, and spiritual world.

AQUARIUS  Find your way out through the murkier waters of emotions this week with Calmness. You could be combustive, hence use meditative practices to calm your restless mind. Work with your imaginations, you can manifest your ideal situation in increasing your income stream. Do not push yourself to accomplish more than you feel ready for.  The situation may not be so large as you are thinking.

PISCES  Relationships and matters of love could soon reach calmer waters. Relating to your heart mate shall be easier as the week progresses. Creative Projects and your imaginative capabilities are heightened. You shall soon find your control. Bringing a work-life balance is encouraged. Find a new approach to make your everyday life exciting. Amping up your home could also be required.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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