June 18, 2021

Tarot Weekly Prediction from 29th June to 5th July 2020

ARIES  Cultivating your relationships and bringing the emotional fulfillment in your world will be only help you manifest the Satisfaction you had been seeking. You will be inclined to take up projects and steps in career which makes you feel  emotionally satisfied. The lessons and experiences in your career realms, also regarding your perceived image, are on for a last phase of review.

TAURUS  Trust your intuitions and a close aids’ advice on matters of Finances, financial independence and regarding Creating a deeper intimate relationship. After a phase of close review of your deepest thoughts and desires, you may yearn for emotional fulfillment. You wish to break free and explore further what is aligned to your higher consciousness, in career or other areas of life.

GEMINI  Emotional fulfillment from your relationship or from a particular person could have you thinking.  It is a situation when you are forced to make a decision towards matters of financial independence and how you wish your relationships to be. It may mean letting go a person, a situation or a particular arrangement. Introspection process this week may make your emotions swell 

CANCER Long term personal and professional associations are going through a strong phase of introspection. Going further you must make decisions of the steps you need to take to balance the scale of equal reciprocity. If you are not in receiving end of compassion and kindness, perhaps it is time to exit. If not it is time to discuss things authentically. You are inclined to follow your heart.

LEO  Emotional Fulfillment is the theme of your life this week and further. You wish a partner who understands you and balances your emotions. You wish to pursue a career and work relationship which makes you feel satisfied. Daily Work, and career realms, health care and day to day achievement is the priority. This week you shall feel a surge of energy to correct everything that went south in your life. Feeling Good is the target you wish to achieve.

VIRGO  A new beginning in matters of love that you seek and perhaps you may also get what you manifested for. It may require you to leave behind a person or a situation or even some memories. You shall be able to harness your power to achieve something which is transformative and deeply satisfying. The inner calm arrives after a period of unrest, unless you are the blockage to your own peaceful destiny. Be in the moment, progress with what makes you feel good.

LIBRA   Ask yourself are you clinging too much to negative events, experiences and ominous. If you are tethered to your higher conscious you shall be able to feel your way to success.  Productivity and feeling good factor on a daily basis to create a better tomorrow. It is an opportunity to heal in matters close to your heart, home and family matters, anything that seems to connected to your foundation.

SCORPIO  Matters of Love has a transformative phase. As you shall be able to feel your way through to the desired destination. Be tethered to the subtle messages of your subconscious.  Follow your heart in matters of career, be inventive. Your thinking pattern is up for a review and your communication to the outside world too. See how aligned they are or how are they blocking your way to the desired destiny.

SAGITTARIUS  You shall feel the internal push in matters of love, creating a better situation in your professional realms, passionate projects and relationships. Follow your heart, listen your intuition that sooner or later you shall reach the destination. The concept of value has a large role,  income realms and valuable relationships, if fulfilling you would stick by, if not you are ready to let go.

CAPRICORN  Strength to accomplish things will embrace you this week. Clarity arrives and pieces of puzzle start fitting in gradually. You have gone  through a transformative period of life and now the path ahead looks crystal clear in every matter. Relationships are to change in desired way or you would have the knowledge to cultivate harmony. Allow yourself to function out of your comfort zone. You shall get the hunch you are back on your track. Navigate well from here.

AQUARIUS  Allow yourself to dream, create and come out of the painful experiences you had. Know that ‘feeling good’ at all time is the fuel needed to accomplish productivity at each time. You may feel the need for private space and a nudge from your subconscious to let your mind and body recuperate from the painful, disrupting experiences. Spiritualism and alignment to the higher consciousness nudges you that the balance of body and mind is  most important for success.

PISCES  Balance is the key when situations are alien or difficult.  You will have the energy and motivation to bring harmony in your home life, important relationships and career realms. Social connections and your approach to the outside world is up for a review. You shall wish to be more giving to others, collaborate for success and that connections are important for balance.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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