January 23, 2021

Tarot Weekly Prediction From 5th Oct To 11th Oct 2020

ARIES Perhaps you are bored with a stagnant situation of your life and need to bring about a change to feel motivated. Matters in career area are conducive for progress and there is a chance of an inspiring experience this week. This week follow your intuition and take the opportunity to take initiatives when they come. It is important to let go the feelings of remorse, and limitations.

TAURUS Let go off the limiting beliefs that hold you back. This week you would be receiving the cosmic support if you just follow your heart, express yourself creatively, Break down the walls in matters of love and let your inner child at play. In certain matters you would need to work by a plan, keeping long terms goals in mind, aligned to what makes you feel fulfilled in real sense.

GEMINI You want to bring some changes, immediately which shall allow you a healthy environment to ideate . You may need to balance the areas of personal and professional life, the relationships and your personal routine. You would be itching to follow your heart and pursue the things that satisfies you rather than surviving on what is  regular or you are responsible for.

CANCER This week a matter involving family, home and partnerships may arise to make you frustrated as it seems to be an endless waiting game.  Further you are also motivated to change your dealings and approach with others, as your words are impressive and you can deliver seamless speeches. Healing your relationships with others is the only currency.  Have the patience that soon things will see light

LEO  You may be fighting with choices of letting go something which is not aligned to your higher purpose or whether to consider security first.  Dealing with people shall be easier. You wish for a change immediately, as your emotional and financial security are both craving for a shakeup. Ponder upon the questions, if it is the right time to take that leap of faith or should you take time to plot your moves.

VIRGO Speak your truth, as cosmos shall provide you support and conducive situations to express your emotions to someone. You wish for a change in your personal life and a particular situation, and perhaps this could be granted for some, this week by the universe. You are getting attention, making you appealing, impressive in negotiation.

LIBRA  This week you shall be achieving clarity in certain area, you would be aligned to your intuition and real balanced self. You would like to go the distance to bring harmony in your relationships and perhaps over do yourself in appeasing others. You have a clear plan in career area, of how you need to proceed, what skills you need to pick up along the way to amplify the favorable results.

SCORPIO This week balance your scales in relationships as cosmos pushes you to reduce the blockages in equal reciprocity. Initiating deeper conversations with people would be easier. Some of you could be nudged to blur the line between friendship and love. You would like to bring a drastic change in how you approach and deal with others. Bring back the fairness, sense of justice in people’s zone.

SAGITTARIUS It is a people-centric week for you, where relationships will be in focus. You shall find it easier to deal with others, to collaborate and get rewards. You shall be looking forward to new changes, new inclusions, out of the box ideas in career realms. Put your best foot forward as your public image realms are highlighted. You shall find a sense of self-assuredness in relationships.

CAPRICORN Collaboration is the key this week and cosmic focus is to nudge you to be on the same page with everyone, to associate, brainstorm, to be inspired and to establish connections for personal and professional benefits. You shall receive important insights on making your family equation and home matters balanced. Foundational changes are possible, healing of past experiences is encouraged.

AQUARIUS Be patient if you feel you are still away from that desired spot in your career realms. You shall be attuned to your higher mind and equipped with bold, methodical ideas to make your career area a success. Further you wish to shake up your intimate relationships realms and finances especially around co-dependency. You wish to bring a change in how you interact with others.

PISCES You may feel uneasy, frustrated in matters of home, family, relationships in the beginning of the week. Perhaps you wish to shake up something urgently, But soon after, you will get the chance to express your feelings to some individuals in love matters or even expressing some innovative ideas, alternatives to a higher up. Speak from your heart that will make your speech eloquent. 

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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