August 11, 2020

Tarot Weekly Prediction from 6th July to 12th July 2020

ARIES  This week is all about positivity, Passionate Drive, and an inner calm that things will improve, change to suit your situation. You shall have positive circumstances to align your Career, in the right direction, as cosmos brings meaningful conversations, support from the important people. You shall be able to look into the small elements that create a whole situation or circumstance. Initiating a passionate endeavor is now possible. Relationships  getting better.

TAURUS  Ability to see through things, Calmly,  thereafter having a Plan, and courage to throw caution to the wind, if need be, is what is required this week. If you feel unrecognized in matters of workplace, career, matters of Love, know that someone somewhere still believes in you. Your steadfast approach to improve matters will require Positive, Cool Mind, tune into to the good energies. If some change is required urgently, decide the timeline for yourself.

GEMINI  By the end of the week, you shall feel a release, to express, to be able to think eloquently, however the week begins with a certain awakening and irritable circumstances. You shall be able to, however, sail through all these, keep your resilience and Calm mind Handy. If you are in crossroads in matters of career, there is a time when things will take shape. Have faith on your efforts, but do ask yourself, are you making the right choices, are you on the right path.

CANCER Lately , if you had been pulled to multiple directions, know that it is time to prioritize self care, and that happiness originates from within. It is good to be a nurturer, but in the process donot forget your personal space and needs. If there is an important talk, required with a Heart mate or a dear friend, it is okay to take the honest way. This week you shall find the release., as work and career related projects can begin inch by inch to positive direction. Go steady.

LEO  Some foundational change is building up, underneath, in your higher consciousness, to let go preconceived notions, negative patterns and Biases of past, which came as a blockage to your happiness of present and future. Open your mind to new learning, experiences, entirely new circumstances. Education and picking new skills will be supported by cosmos. Relationships are evolving. You are eloquent with your thoughts, and ability to socialize after a gap.

VIRGO  Connection with few friend or a heart mate at a spiritual Level is possible. This shall give you the positive energies and emotional balance which you so much yearn for. Relationships are evolving, allow yourself to dream to express. You may feel private, and will like to keep away from chaos, perhaps spiritualism or unique way of universe at works will intrigue you in abundance. Bring yourself some time for solitude,  relax your overworked energies.

LIBRA   This week you shall find the release, of the stressful and anxious thoughts that has pulled you in, at times, to a irritable state of mind. It is okay if some people are unpredictable, know that each one has own journey, at times rough. The need for Spiritual alignment and Holistic living  is felt greatly this week. Perhaps you would now need to balance your Body and Mind, work and Life. By the end of the week, career and work related matters will pick up pace.

SCORPIO  You shall feel the urgency to reach a desired place, however try to relate and vibe with the energies surrounding you. Stay centered, if things meet any resistance, allow your wisdom to hold off hasty actions. You shall be able to take up matters of learning, education and efforts towards furthering your career. Your mind is explorative. People and matters distant to you pulls you energetically. You shall sail through well this week, with Calm energies.

SAGITTARIUS  You are desirous to take action and initiatives towards matters that hold you back in crossroads, but this time, you are Calmer, wiser, and a Charmer. Be resourceful, have all information in hand, before you take a leap. Have a well laid plan. It is also a fine time to initiate difficult conversations with a heartmate. Your words and mind is aligned. Communication is much easier. You shall vibe well with others, and shall be able to see light at the end of the tunnel.

CAPRICORN  Impulsiveness and instant gratification could be your enemy this week,  specially in matters of relationship. Take a deep breath before you take an action or express your mind. If you feel stuck in some area of life, you may need to take little time off to contemplate, rather than to push things against the wind. By the end of the week, things again look brighter, positive, and easier to deal with. Know when to switch off , step back. Body and Mind balance is required.

AQUARIUS  By the end of the week, you shall feel the release, of things and thoughts that was holding you back, making you restless. You have got a good time to look within self, and align your body and Mind, in order to be able to receive the positive energies that shall be waiting for you at end of the week. Leave behind negative situations and people. Know the timing, tune in to the universal energies. Communication gets easier, thoughts become clearer, things improve.

PISCES  You shall find your inspiration and positivity amidst chaos or crossroads, if you let your inner child to play. Take a chance somewhere, work through alternatives, Be playful in your approach, you would find things eventually fall into desired place. Matters of Love and relationships shall improve. At times donot fear to dream, just because the past few weeks had been stressful. Get into your element this week, as expressions are more eloquent and sweet.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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