March 8, 2021

Tarot Weekly Prediction – 29th Sept – 5th Oct 2019 – By Indrani.

ARIES : Collaborative and Group Projects will see good results in Professional area. It is good to take advise, support from others in work  and career realms. You are asked to reflect upon yourself and recent learning. Relationships shall remain Satisfactory for many whereas cosmos gives a nudge to repair frail bonds, and work towards deeper connections. It is a repair, healing and reactivation week in all realms.

TAURUS : The week shall remain satisfactory for most natives or at times quiet/dull for some. Relationships shine this week and grow deeper and this shall give a lot of fulfillment. Bonds with people will become pleasant and people shall be supportive. Singles can be hopeful to strike honest connections. Health Care and Self Pampering Activities will lead the thoughts. Health too gets due attention

 GEMINI : Lot of forward movement and opportunities can be felt by most natives this week. It is a high activity, and engaging week in the professional and career realms. New Initiatives will see positive light. Confusions and distractions due to high energy must be managed well. Connections with people become spontaneous and charming.  Beautiful vibes will be received in relationship realms for many.

CANCER :  Forward Movement and Opportunities will brighten up the professional or career zone. Adventurous and energetic week for your endeavors and you are prompted to visit uncharted territories and go after your dreams. Lot of energy and honesty is to be experienced by coupled and Singles can meet prospects by socializing.  Few natives may however face strife in home life.

LEO : The week calls for taking action within relationships and home life. Crossroads or duality of mind will not solve any purpose and delaying further would not give results. Frail relations,  riled up bonds, Long lost friends needs reaching out and repair. Inaction will lead to an abyss. This week calls for communication to be initiated or reactivated in professional and relationship areas. Speak your mind, move forward, pitch clients, give presentations.

VIRGO : This week calls for prioritizing and giving all realms of life an equal treatment and attention also knowing what is most important and what is not.

Financial zone this week comes to focus and fierce energy to be experienced. You are required to make objectives and plans in that zone. Relationships will become pleasant with your no filter honest emotional communication.

LIBRA : An energetic hopeful and ambitious week is in store for Libra Natives this week. All realms gets blessed and your fierce go getter energy will make every opportunity into a success. New income ideas will come easy. Relationships shine due to your communication and frail associations can easily be turned beneficial to your delight. All the pains that you had been carrying, it is the time to heal and emerge.

SCORPIO :  New initiatives, projects, or opportunities can be turned to your success, if you go for it will all you got. Open and honest communication will help grow bonds deeper with people in outside world or deep inside world too. Expressing yourself will be easier. This week nudges you to open your windows to other people, seek support, expect love should you let the communication flowing and guards down.

SAGITTARIUS : It is a week to receive rewards of your hard work in areas of work, relations or any other endeavor or you would see hope in the same. Mental peace and inter tranquil will rule your mind. Money Making ideas will take lead, and lessons learnt in past will be of good use. Few singles can hope to meet prospects. Intuitive power gets heightened and heavenly hunches will help you navigate.      

CAPRICORN This week is all about goals, professional endeavors, bold moves and action oriented approach.  Motivation empowers you, Strategic and creative thinking pushes your agenda ahead. Relationships will remain normal, Few Singles may meet prospects. It shall be a productive week, a forward movement week in Work / Career Realms.

AQUARIUS :  A good week for social recognition, tie ups, associations , creative pursuits and spreading your wings in professional / Career Realms. Your professional communication and deep research will embolden you. Self Care, Health Care will take prominence in mind. Education self, learning acquiring skills  will be in mind. Coupled shall have a peaceful time, Singles Might Meet new prospects as personal charm increases.

PISCES : It is a favorable week for planning, making forward movement in career realms. Most natives would like to now make deeper and stronger efforts towards achieving the goals but stay away from acting in impulse. Educating self, and feeding you brain will take prominence. Relationships will go deeper and stronger for coupled. Singles can hope for meeting new prospects at a spiritual level and deeper connections are expected.

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