June 18, 2021

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 Log 9 Materials Pvt. Ltd., a Bengaluru-headquartered nanotechnology start-up, has come up with an innovative, first-of-its-kind product named CoronaOven that makes use of UV-C light (having wavelength of 253.7 nm) in combination with significant design parameters in order to disinfect surfaces (of various objects, personal protective equipments, etc.) from germs including bacteria and viruses.  

Within 2 weeks of Covid19’s serious threat in India, Log 9 developed CoronaOven with a proprietary, patent pending technology for completely neutralizing COVID-19 and other pathogens on surfaces of various products in demand during this outbreak. This includes, masks, hospital PPE & tools, groceries, etc. This can kill the virus in less than 10 min on all types of surfaces. It is cost effective and suitable for mass deployment. This product is especially advantageous in Stage 3 and 4 of the spread by preventing surface to human transmission and reuse of limited medical supplies by ensuring complete sanitization.

With support from the government we are already LIVE on the GEMS gov. procurement portal and have started deliveries since last week. The device is available for the general public for use by delivery personnel and in homes.

We are  also making a portable version of this oven which runs on a battery and can be used in ambulances, frontline police vans, and to disinfect parcels on the go on bikes etc in the food delivery space.

A patent pending technology developed by Log 9 Materials, the product uses UV light of specific wavelength in combination with various other design parameters to disinfect surfaces from germs, bacteria and viruses.The product has been designed based on the study done on SARS virus and has brought the same to market with an Effective product.CoronaOven makes UV application precise and effective based on superior and science backed design.CoronaOven is as easy to use as a microwave. Put your products to be disinfected inside the 20 Liter box, turn it on for 10 minutes and be safe.

  1. Personal Protective Equipment2. Household Supplies3. Delivery parcels on the go
    Variants: Plug -inThe Battery Operated
    Available on : https://gem.gov.in/https://coronaoven.com/  


Ewar games((gHack Technologies)“-  a real money gaming platform which combines features from multiple platforms providing a one stop solution for a mobile gamer. Be it casual yet addictive games like Ludo/KnifeDart or gruesome battles in PUBG/FreeFire, EWar gives you a platform to play for virtual or real money as per your desire. It makes sure that it’s games are skill based and are competitive enough for players to get the adrenaline surge they look for. It also provides features of streaming and has incorporated vernacularity and is available in 8 languages to cater to the bigger Bharat market of India.

Based out of Bangalore, gHack started as a game development company but eventually realised a much bigger and exciting industry cropping up in India, the ESports industry. Fantasy cricket being the center of current ESports market, Parth and Rahul realised that eventually other e-sports games and casual skill based games will take over the market and be much bigger than traditional sports or just fantasy sports. Also they realised that currently available platforms miss specific features which prevent them from becoming a one stop solution for gamers. Thus they created E-War, the flagship product of Ghack technologies.

EWar gives you ad free platform to play for virtual or real money as per your desire With a 3x growth after the lockdown, today EWar boasts a user base of 500k in a limited timeframe of 3 months  It also provides features of streaming and has incorporated vernacularity and is available in 8 languages to cater to the bigger Bharat market of India.EWar Games has raised 200K USD of equity funding from the Angel Investment arm of House of Jindals (a Karnataka-based steel magnate also having ventures in sports and real estate sectors)and Mr.Jeet Banerjee,( Founder Gameplan, a sports management firm based out of Kolkata) .    

EWar is a real money gaming platform which combines features from multiple platforms providing a one stop solution for a mobile gamer   
EWar is a platform where you play your favorite games and win real money. Battle against real players 1vs1 or Tournaments and get a chance to win exciting prizes. Refer your friends and family and earn Bonus cash  It is an Advertisement free Platform which helps users to enjoy more without any interruption. 

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