June 18, 2021

This wave is almost four times the size of first, says UNICEF

The UNICEF on Friday (May 7, 2021) expressed that it is very concerned about the deadly daily surge in new COVID-19 cases in India and said that this wave is almost four times the size of the first wave.

The UNICEF’s statement came on a day when India witnessed over 4 lakh new coronavirus infections for the second consecutive day.

“UNICEF is very concerned about this deadly daily surge in new cases. This wave is almost four times the size of the first wave and the virus is spreading much faster. With the surge in cases, the virus is also affecting more people across age groups including children and infants,” said UNICEF representative Dr Yasmin Ali Haque.

He added, “What is happening in India should raise alarm bells for all of us. The pandemic is far from over. COVID-19 cases are rising at an alarming rate across South Asia.” 

Haque stated that the entire health systems could collapse, leading to more tragic loss of life and said that very low levels of vaccination in most South Asian countries (less than 10% in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal) is adding to concern of the virus spiraling even further. 

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