January 15, 2021

This Women’s Day own your imperfections with Shaya’s latest collection- Flawsome

“She’s too skinny”

“She’s too curvy”

“Are those stretch marks?”

“She has so many freckles!”

Your flaws make you awesome, so why not embrace them?

Stretch Marks- It’s about time they start calling them magic marks, to stay in and out and still stay beautiful is nothing less than a super power!”

For the first time ever- One of a kind silver jewellery brand Shaya has found its inspiration in stretch marks! To encourage every woman to be proud of her stretch marks like a tigress who has earned her stripes, Shaya’s newest collection titled “Flawsome” carries designs which bear similarities to stretch mark patterns. The word “flawsome” popularized by global public figure Tyra Banks is used to describe someone who is awesome because of their flaws.

Crafted with oxidized silver, the Flawsome Collection highlights the beauty of “imperfections” with its abstract texture. It is characterized by unconventional shapes & 3D design that give a certain improperness to the jewellery. The minimal pink gemstones accentuating the designs balance the grittiness & playfulness inherent in a woman. And not just stretch-marks, the Flawsome Collection pays ode to all the “flaws” that a woman is made with, be it unibrow, laugh lines, love handles & even cellulite by naming all its pieces after these!

Choose from statement rings, necklaces, never-seen-before earrings & bracelets to complete your look & stand out. With hard to miss details, each piece of Flawsome Collection is not just a style statement but also an embodiment of strength in every woman. So, wear your imperfections with pride! The Flawsome Collection launches this Women’s Day on www.heyshaya.com. Range starts from Rs. 2000.For updates,

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