June 18, 2021
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Tina Phillip gets a dream wedding invite for her D-Day

Tina Phillip gets a dream wedding invite for her D-Day

TV actress, Tina Phillip is busy planning her wedding in April. Tina got engaged to Nikhil Sharma, a few months back and the wedding is planned for April. The actress wanted to promote the environment-friendly theme and so she will go paperless for her wedding decorations. Her wedding invite, which is designed by SocioDNA is also very personal and reflects her taste and journey from the UK to Mumbai.

She says, “Mumbai is definitely the city of dreams. I relocated from the UK to Mumbai, and Nikhil also shifted from Delhi. This city shaped our dreams for a great life together and professionally, too. We have designed E-Invites for our guests and wish to go paperless keeping in mind the environment theme. The card will portray our journey and the themed beach wedding, too. The card is specially designed so that the minute details of the wedding are included. My Godmother has also contributed to the card by incorporating a quote from the Bible. I am so happy that the wedding invite is planned in an extremely creative manner.”

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