May 25, 2020

Tinaa Dattaa: My role model is Shahrukh Khan!

Actor Tinaa Dattaa is keen on taking up a role in a film soon. The actor says that her contemporaries Mouni Roy, who was seen alongside actor Akshay Kumar in Gold has paved the way for other TV actors also to enter Bollywood. “Mouni has become part of Bollywood and have set an example for TV actors to get into films too. I believe it’s all about the right time and the right opportunity. I am busy with my show right now but if I come across an opportunity for a film, then I will surely do it,” says Tinaa, who is currently seen in Daayan.

The actor is thrilled with the response for her role in Daayan. “The feedback is astounding. I am very happy that the audience is loving my character and my show. As an actress, I have evolved every day. I learn new things and try to see things from a different angle. I have always been experimenting with my roles,” she says.

Ask her who she looks up to in the industry, and she says, “My role model is Shahrukh Khan. I really admire him and love his charismatic personality. Most importantly, he is the master of staggering expressions. He is the king of romance. The way he looks at a woman makes her heart go Kuch Kuch Hota Hain!”

Talking about her career journey, she says, “I am satisfied till now but the hunger to get more is still in me. There has always been ups and downs but I have always considered them as a success meter. So, I am satisfied with it. As an actor, I want to explore more. I would like to do web series or maybe a comedy show.”

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