March 8, 2021

Tv artist celebrates 70th Republic Day

Republic Day is today not only remembered as the day our Constitution was founded, but also as a country that has achieved a lot since that day. It is a day of pride for every Indian, and as the nation celebrates its 70th Republic Day, our &TV artists talk about their small pledge towards the betterment of India and share their fondest memories of this day.

Avinash Sachdev a.k.a Madhav Thakur from Main Bhi Ardhangini

“This Republic Day, I wish and pray for a better India where human and moral rights will not just be a part of the constitution but also a part of every Indian’s right. We’ve come a long way in terms of development but there is yet much more to achieve. I believe that one massive law should be enforced to completely eradicate corruption. I am sure it sounds a little farfetched but it is definitely not an impossible mission. Looking back, my most cherished memories of this day are during my school days, when I was a proud yellow house captain. I would hold the national flag and march in the parade on Republic Day, my heart would swell with pride.”

Rohitashv Gour a.k.a Manmohan Tiwari ji of Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai

“It’s been 70 years since the Constitution of India was formed and although the nation’s judicial system has evolved over the years, we have somewhere failed to provide justice to women in general and many such people who have been victimised through unfortunate incidents. The one alteration to a law that could change the way India sees its women is extreme penalty against minors held for a rape case. I believe this transformation will enable our women to be more confident and to walk, talk and dress the way they feel like. As citizens of India, we are also dealing with crucial crisis of water and are soon going to face various battles for water shortage in the near future. On this Republic Day I take a pledge to continue saving every drop of water that could go waste, while also urging viewers to take this promise as well. It’s only collectively that we can come together and save ourselves from the difficulties of water shortage.”

Ishita Ganguly a.k.a Rani Padmini from Vikram Betaal Ki Rahasya Gaatha

“Being patriotic is synonymous with celebrating the important milestones of the country and Republic Day is one such day, but let’s not limit our patriotism to just this day. Today I pledge that as a responsible citizen I will stand up against any injustice that happens before me, be it the most trivial of matters. We need to aim at making India the most amazing and beautiful nation that we all dream of. My fondest memories of this day were that of when we used to celebrate in school. We would dress in tricolour uniforms and put up performances filled with skits and dances.”

Mohit Malhotra a.k.a Akarsh Sharma from Daayan

“As a citizen of this country, this Republic Day I pledge to make a generous effort towards the cleanliness of my surroundings in whatever way I possibly can. Stringent actions should be taken on people who loiter around and litter in public places, since there’s no punishments for people who spoil personal or historic property by littering and scribbling on the walls. Strict penalties and fines must be levied in order to make India a more cleaner country. As a kid I remember watching the parade along with my family equally excited for it every year, and after the parade we would head out to eat ice-cream.”

Deepshikha Nagpal a.k.a Nilambari of Main Bhi Ardhangini

“26th January always brings back various memories of a time, when as children we used to dress up to be a part of the flag hoisting and actually realized the value that this day holds in India’s history. Being a proud Indian, I have always had a deep respect for Indian culture and the values that have been inculcated in us over the years. However, I feel that we are yet miles away from being the kind of nation that can make every Indian proud to be a citizen of this India. As an Indian, I pledge to extend a hand towards the development of women and several orphaned children of our country in some of the smallest ways that I can. Via small measures I pledge to bring about a change in the perception and mentality of today’s society towards its women and how they can help our nation progress.”

Tinaa Dattaa a.k.a Jhanvi Morya of Daayan

“I believe India has come a long way ever since the first Constitution was formed 70 years back. From enforcing numerous laws that would give each citizen a chance to be a proud Indian, to evolving and opening up to the thought of being a new age India that supports the growth of its citizens in every manner possible, we are only charging towards progress. While India has grown at each step, I feel we have also somewhere fallen aback in taking those steps, especially when it comes to respecting mother nature and our surroundings. As a responsible citizen, I pledge to completely avoid the use of plastic in my daily activities while also contributing effectively to the ‘Swach Bharat’ campaign that was started by our Prime Minister. I hope several viewers like me also take this conscious step to make India a cleaner nation for its residents.”

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