June 18, 2021

Twitterverse lauds Anand Gandhi’s latest conversation on Tumbbad and Ship of Theseus

Filmmaker Anand Gandhi who has impressed many with his amazing vision of storytelling is always at the receiving end of praises when it comes to his work. And while there are many aspiring filmmakers who look up to the Ship Of Theseus director, Anand also reciprocates to them with his enlightening views. Recently too, Anand’s conversation around his award-winning films received some amazing feedback not just from the audience but also from actress and author Twinkle Khanna.

While we all know that it’s not very easy to impress Mrs Funnybones aka Twinkle Khanna, leaving her in admiration seemed to be a cakewalk for Anand. Twinkle who lauded Gandhi for his film Tumbbad also shared that his latest interview was quite enlightening. She also mentioned that the conversation about how the film was set in the era of Spanish Flu, made her morning with its leaps of wonderful insights. Time and again, Anand has left the film industry in admiration with his work. Many netizens and aspiring filmmakers also praised Anand’s views.

Anand who has an impressive line-up of films to his credit has put in some great research and understanding behind his films. No wonder his genius has been felicitated with several awards in festival circuits. Some of his other awards winning films along with Ship Of Theseus and Tumbbad include An Insignificant Man, Right Here Right Now and Continuum. Other than making films, Anand has also been an innovator, systems researcher and co-creator of ElseVR, India’s first virtual reality (VR) platform. He is also the founder/CEO of the Mumbai-based new media studio and systems think tank Memesys Culture Lab.

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