March 8, 2021

Vaishali Takkar left speechless by fan’s handmade gift

Manmohini season 2 has kicked off with a brand-new twist to the tale in terms of a 20-year-leap recently. The new characters of Shiv (played by Karam Rajpal), Ananya (played by Vaishali Takkar), Mohini (played by Reyhna Pandit) and Amar (played by Buneet Kapoor) have already caught everyone’s attention. In fact, the current romantic track between Shiv and Ananya as well as Amar’s entry has got fans hooked. So much so that all the followers have been showering a lot of love on the actors, especially Vaishali for her beauty and warm nature on and off screen.

Vaishali Takkar a.k.a Ananya from Manmohini 1

No wonder Vaishali Takkar is always at the receiving end of sweet gestures from her fans. In fact, the actor has a favourite fan whose handmade gift left her speechless. Narrating the incident, she revealed, “I was at an event in Nagpur recently and a fan of mine got to know that I am a guest at the conference. He got in somehow and from a distance, he started shouting out my name. I saw him briefly and smiled, but he disappeared. Half an hour later, I see him appearing out of nowhere with a beautiful handmade sketch.

It was so wonderful that I was speechless. At the moment, I’ve kept it in my room and it always reminds me of the love that everyone has for me.”
But this is not the first time she’s had such a sweet encounter with a fan. As Vaishali mentions, “I’ve been blessed with fantastic fans and followers. They keep showering me with love on social media and they keep sending me gifts on the sets.

It feels really good that they appreciate me so much. I would love to thank all of them for all the love and I hope they keep showing me their affection.”
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