June 1, 2020

Vrushika Mehta’s Wonderful Birthday Surprise

The cast and crew of ‘Yeh Teri Galiyaan’ bring it in with a cake

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The queen of a million hearts and the ‘Asmita a.k.a Puchki’ of Zee TV’s primetime drama ‘Yeh Teri Galiyaan’, Vrushika Mehta celebrated her birthday on 18th february on the sets. The hard worker that she is, Vrushika had a working birthday and for the longest time she wasn’t even wished! As per the sources, the cast and crew pretended that none of them remembered her birthday! It was only later in the night when Vrushika had given up all hopes that the crew got a cake for their favorite actor and caught her off-guard as they yelled out loud ‘Surprise’! Vrushika was seen running away from Avinash and Lavin as they tried smearing cake on her face. The crew members who share a great rapport with this beauty decorated his room with candles, balloons and messages which overwhelmed Vrushika!

Vrushika added, “I am moved by the warm gesture! It is really amazing to be loved and cared for. I’ve always had a working birthday and I strongly believe work comes before personal occasions. I actually thought all have forgotten it’s my birthday as nobody wished me during the first half (Laughs). My show’s crew got a cake which was delicious. This is one of the best birthdays that I’ve had.”

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