June 18, 2021

Weekly Tarot Prediction 15th Mar To 21st Mar 2020

ARIES  You are fired up regarding your long term goals, throwing caution to the wind, and also regarding your philosophies of life. You are pushed to reflect on your subconscious and serious introspection, also to reflect on your past experiences and learning in order to move forward. Tuning into your intuition you would be able to access your dreams and desires, more of inside, to begin your journey of Self, right from the middle of the week. Pushing forth your professional dreams will now be possible.

TAURUS One on one time with your heart partner opens the week going forth focus is on your image, communication and position in the larger world.  You would feel fired up to position yourself more stronglyThe sense of upheaval experienced in matters of support from people around you would now simmer down, it is a time to emerge and take benefit of this conducive period. Your professional pursuits and career foundation, and reputation will be highlighted. You may feel like working in silence.

GEMINI   Primary partnerships are important on the onset. Moving further use this conducive week to uplift your public foundation, career and professional pursuits. Larger goals, philosophies, ideals and morals are to be balanced as you begin a period when you would be in dealing with a lot of people or you may be even observed or evaluated, allow yourself to connect with others, socialize, discuss and open to learn. You have heightened sensitivity channelize those to bolster your efforts, show them in your  daily life.

CANCER. As you begin the week with focus on your daily work, health care, and some sense of discipline, the larger goals, long term plans has potential to be pushed forward. Career and Social Image is now in strong focus, also energies are now directed towards your intimate relationships, and finances outside of your income, could be joint resources. There is need to step up in here to establish security. Forces nudges you to follow your heart and be , adventurous and not to settle for less.

LEO  Your hidden wishes, emotional world, intimate relationships gets a second chance for forward movement, allow your thoughts to translate into words. Long term relationships are now in focus and there is a need to focus on stability and serious connections.. Allow yourself to be explorative and a bit adventurous towards securing those long term plans surrounding your relationships and other areas. There are some forward movement, opportunities and sense of justice being felt in your career and material matters.

VIRGO  Emotional beginning towards family matters, sets the tone of the week to remain focused on your core values, foundation and Most Important relationships. There had been a challenge towards your work which you faced last few weeks, chances are you would be able to make a considerable progress if emotions are centered. There had been few emotional upheavals, you would like to release those and move on to replenish. The more rational you are, the better this week.

LIBRA  There had been muddled and anxious thoughts in the beginning of the week. Emotional Intelligence will help you further to return to daily work and bringing about the orderliness in your world, which recently eluded. By the end of the week stability arrives in matters surrounding long term partnerships or primary relationships. Home and family matters will start seeing the light. It is important to have your emotional maturity and a level headed approach.

SCORPIO  As you begin the week with thoughts towards matters of value, be in your romantic life, material security, you will feel the breeze of creative expression and passion return, which had eluded for sometime. Follow what brings you joy & Pleasure, hobbies and passionate projects more importantly matters of love. Communication is the key, and you have roadblocks cleared. It’s the right time to adopt a routine, orderliness, health care, and work stability.

SAGITTARIUS  With a strong sense of self worth and esteem you would be able to open the week. As we progress your matters of value, more important financial matters will gain stability.  This week also has a strong focus and support to better the situation in your emotional world. The sense of joy and pleasure , Love, will come to focus, also your creative expression.  There is a sense of ease felt in your love life. Having a creative, innovative approach will increase income.

CAPRICORN You are in for a big change this week, as you begin the week with self reflection, introspection. The matters of self esteem and almost everything about self needs to go through a huge transformation, if you wish for the better. Reflecting on your subconscious, matters that had been riling you up since long will now need attention. Home and Family will be in focus, so is your foundation. It is time to pursue those matters surrounding money and anything that is of value to you.

AQUARIUS  With a realization of your self image,  you can open the week. This is a powerful week to deal with the painful experiences, face them head on, use those lessons towards your matters of value & self worth. You can succeed if you let go off the fear factor and embrace the unorthodox approach you are known for.  However caution is that rational ideas may at times, tend to elude you. Fact check. This week you begin the journey of self worth, improving mental/ physical awareness and  improvement of self. Be Open, childlike, creative, fearless.

PISCES  It is a second chance of the year to reflect upon your subconscious, your desires, ideas and apply your intelligence towards improving your self worth. As you begin the week with focus on career and social standing, there is cosmos supporting you to work on your self worth. Do not hold back to share and discuss ideas, brainstorming sessions. Your intuitions are your best guide, as by the end of the week, anything that you value will be highlighted. There can be an occasion when you may be thrown for a loop, caution! Be Rational at all times.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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