January 15, 2021

Weekly Tarot Prediction 19th April To 25th April 2020

ARIES  Take well researched, evaluated decisions this week pertaining to the area of career and income area. If you are unsure about some aspect of your life, sit back and take time to process your thoughts. Explore what gives you more satisfaction and is sustainable. You may be observed or evaluated, or feel so, making you conscious, and pressured. Allow inner voice to lead you the way at times, specially in relationships.

TAURUS  This is a powerful week for meditating on your desires, goals and what gives you pleasure. Opportunities arise in different shape or form. You may even consider making decisions which are revolutionary, out of the box which may surprise many. Taking to learning, new hobbies or altogether a new line of work is also a possibility.   Be optimistic and open to what cosmos sends your way, evaluate and see the practical application in your love life and career goals.

GEMINI This is a period of reflection, quiet contemplation and inner tranquil. At times emotions may be overwhelming for you making you too sensitive. Utilize these vibes that cosmos has sent you, to align yourself spiritually and finding the purpose of life. There is also a lot brewing in your emotional and intimate world.

       Your love life need some inner work and new way of approach. Allow yourself to step back for a while to figure those out.

CANCER Serious considerations pending aligned to future plans in the area of career, business, financial security.  Supportive vibes shall be felt from community, enlightening conversations may show you the way, apart from emotional fulfillment.  Being tethered with professional allies and partnerships is needed. Do not ask or expect more , not as well overextend yourself. Wisdom is your ally this week for creating harmony in any kind of association.

LEO  Career and money making area has a conducive period, if you take proactive steps. Being more amiable can garner positive response from those who matter. It is also a transformative period for you as a person. Self care regime and picking up soul fulfilling activities shall bring back balance. Release the control and be your own muse, if love is a little elusive at present. Go to nature and accept the steady vibes this week cosmos sends towards you.

VIRGO Over analysis often let us to be judgmental at times. This week you may find yourself being more sensitive than before. You may want to put things aside and embrace some adventure, breaking free from the disciplined self that you often burden yourself with. Learning a new skills, and getting together with people who understand you will bring some emotional balance and clarity. Love and relationships  needs careful evaluation, it is time to change your approach now.

LIBRA  You want to be emotionally available and nurturing towards your loved ones, and little space to access your inner realms where many new ideas and thoughts are emerging. Emotionally fulfilling career options and activities has you wondering. Taking the initiative is needed in one or more areas. Emotional Maturity, strength of character & balance are your areas to look at. Work Life Balance is important.

SCORPIO  Relationships has a strong theme this week. Emotional fulfillment and being Loved is what you are craving for. Opportunities are there if you are willing to open up and forge stronger emotional bonds. This week find ways and  what brings you happiness and how to bridge that gap. Career and work requires you to be futuristic and being more collaborative. Make efforts to be more attuned to others.

SAGITTARIUS  Money Making areas and Your own personal values need a rethinking, and revision. Relationships has an opportunity to be repaired, also to connect with someone whom you view as a long term potential. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable to love and taking subtle initiatives will be nice. You shall feel forgiving and nurturing to others. Collaborating with others, showing kindness will help in the long run now.

CAPRICORN  Just being positive can change your emotional world in many ways.  Allow yourself to be loved and also open yourself to receive some affection. This week has supportive energies for Love and relationships. It is also a transformative time for you, hence accepting some hard truths and realistically examining your goals and the Plans to reach those, shall only take you so far. 

AQUARIUS  You are nudged to work on foundation, family, even the décor of your living space.  Your creative self expression had hit the wall in past days, but this week, you have conducive energies to operate more passionately towards your creative, innovative ideas. You shall be driven to bring joy, in the given situation of the world.  Accept the present situation as a time to create new things. Soul fulfillment  and spiritual alignment is important for success in every area of life.

PISCES  You are nudged this week to let go off apprehension, painful memories and allow yourself to look more positively to future possibilities. Once you ease your grip on past, the future can flow endlessly. Being  open to people, learning possibilities will only take you so far in life. Home Life shall be cordial. You shall be also eager to explore more romantic expression and to embrace joyous spirit.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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