January 26, 2021

Weekly Tarot Prediction 1st Mar To 7th Feb 2020

ARIES The week opens up with some information, which has learning for you. Probably  There is a renewal or revisiting a project plan required. Something that was already in your intuition. However this week also has a favorable period beginning in matters pertaining to your income and financial security. You are more than motivated towards those and able to connect with associates in a charming way. Towards the end of the week, emotional connection to home and primary relationships will be possible from a long-standing shadow period.

TAURUS  Adding a creative flare to your money-making area and schemes this week opens the window to a brand new start in your career and social image. The theme is to thing big, think different. You are inspired and decisive about your self, working towards your self-esteem and yes people find you so charming.  A caution comes, it may be possible you may look too strong, for few. Break the walls that acted as your bottlenecks in past, as you are entering a phase of cosmic blessing. Be Clear now.

GEMINI  Whatever or wherever made you feel stuck, it is now going, soon, to be a matter of past.  You begin the week in your element and with an assertive tone,. Your higher learning process begins here. Larger  goals, distant matters, are now clearer. People and Matters distant/foreign to you are going to bring rewards, in days to come. You will get in touch with your spiritual side this week. Some chapters can end at this time which cant go further. There is a  new beginning and evolution of a whole new self.

CANCER  Week begins with some introspective energies and self reflection. You can put to rest few chapters that were self-limiting or detrimental to forward movement. Further People, Friends and Groups will have a role to play, as being out there in the world will throw many opportunities. Relationships need your emotional clarity as you may feel a lot more emotional this week. Connect with your abundant intuition.

       You are in a zone where you are about to experience life changing realizations.

LEO  An uplifting opening of the week. You may feel like coming out of a shadow and willing to connect to the wide world. People have a big role to play this week, for life-changing events. Be sure about your interests, goals, balance at each step and have a long term vision. Re-ignite the confident and assertive self of yours for rewards in work and career. This week also provides you an opportunity of self reflection and closing some chapters of your life, at the same time beginning new ones.  Emotions are  to be felt strongly by end of the week, get in touch with your intuition.

VIRGO  Enthusiastic start to your career & Social image. You are motivated to bring back the orderliness in your daily life which eluded you in a long time. Same applies to self care, health care regime coming back full throttle.  You are now adventurous, and willing to also break down your rigidity as you relook your relationship equations  and able to express yourself better. The path to big picture goals are now visible and inspiring. There are some good news and blessings coming your way this week.

LIBRA  This week provides a window to navigate through the difficult situations. You are able to get in touch with your compassionate, balanced side. Connecting with a heart partner is now possible at a deeper level. Joint Resources or money related to others gets into focus but things will move positive. Creativity, hobbies and inspiration that eluded you for sometime comes back after a full cycle. You can look for ways to joy specially your daily life and work reaches stability by end of week.

SCORPIO  There is a transformation in your emotional world, probably a relationship situation improving or you doing away with some difficult thoughts. Relationships can grow sweeter this week, for coupled or someone who has long term relationship potential, making ability to connect at a deeper level. Few could also have favorable news in joint resources or projects. Home and Immediate family matters can flow freely, if there had been some bottlenecks. Some joint project could be rewarding.

SAGITTARIUS  Some area of your life where you had a stuck feeling  probably a key partnership, personal or professional may need your clarity of thought. People you engage on daily basis and work area gets better. You are charming and impressive in your daily work area or colleagues, associates and allies. Connecting at an emotional level with your heart partner is possible, specially regarding finances. Being rational, ability to see facts, and emotional clarity will set a positive tone to your future.

CAPRICORN  The week opens up with a nudge to make yourself  disciplined,  set your routine, think rationally about work.  Being Realistic about your goals and career will only take you that far. Your money making ideas may be in a rocky path but know that with a disciplined approach, things are not far. Infusing creative thoughts and laying down solid plans is required, and you are required to do away with that confusion or being an emotional wreck. Relationships are stable.

AQUARIUS You start the week with a creative and passionate energy. There had been realizations and clarity in abundance, in the past, regarding some areas, specially in few relationships and your relationship to money. It is time to come out of the closet and show your visionary self or bring to table those non traditional ideas.  Some home and family matters seems to improve. Being quietly engrossed in producing ideas will be self satisfying. Go Big in Expanding your horizons, and get those projects rolling. Get emotionally centered.

PISCES  With some rest and sorting out some home and family matters, this week is set to give you a strong nudge, that it is time to get the ball rolling in matters of money and career. Communication and Information of intellectual nature will only stimulate you, Frivolity has no role to play this week. Wait for some encouraging messages from career realms. You are also able to reflect well, the learning you had in past two weeks and getting better hold of the things around you.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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