January 15, 2021

Weekly Tarot Prediction 22nd Mar To 28th Mar 2020

ARIES  There is a fire in your belly to accomplish, push your career goals, bring new ideas into fruition. It is a conducive period also to chalk out plans and be strategic.  This week also give you the power to energetically get rid of some past painful experiences, to start a brand new beginning in all matters. If you play your cards right, you may enter one of the most fulfilling innovative journeys towards career and money. There is a need to bring some sense of emotional fulfillment to your world also. Cultivating relationships, building foundation for love to grow, will be supported.

TAURUS The beginning of the week, nudges you to reflect on self, do the inward exploration and figuring out your larger goals of life,  going forward which you can reclaim your energies to powerfully manifest those findings. Do a soul search, find ways and means how you want to be known and how can you creatively express yourself. It is a powerful window to begin new in some way in certain direction which is aligned to your higher goals. Later this week you can proceed with clarity, ready to  venture out in your unique way and amplify your success.

GEMINI There is a feeling of being stuck, but there are also few doors open for you. People are important, think of those friends, social circle, professional allies, well wishers, hold discussions, take advice and you would see opportunities still available to be pursued. Working with others, collaborating, teaming up will certainly bring success, or laying the foundation stone to a new beginning in career. Relationships has a window to grow deeper, be honest to hold heart to heart discussions.

CANCER. A little bolder and smarter move towards career and public image required, of course some new ideas has to be brought to in the place of old ones. This is a week when people are important. Not only those in your immediate environment but also a larger audience, the social circle, acquaintances. Be open to holding dialogue with variety of people, taking note of the many ideas and opinions will certainly be helpful, going forward. Time to cultivate love.

LEO  Emotional intensity can be felt in the beginning of the week, bringing  an impatient energy which may make mind wander. You may want to venture out, in a hurry to push certain things to your satisfaction. A time to meditate upon and need to be grounded. Learning, exploring, doing research, envisioning long term larger goals will help you find a idea or draw a plan, depending on current situation. Veering away from reality will not help. Something radically can be brought to change in your career, to keep the creative fulfillment intact. Take advice, connect with people.

VIRGO  The week sets the tone for better self awareness of your relationships, your approach towards Love and matters of intimacy opening possibilities to form deeper, cordial bonding. It is now time to embrace childlike freedom and flexibility with an intention to foster stronger and fulfilling emotional connections. People are going to be important and so is your dedication towards the structure of daily life, approaching matters of career with gusto and undivided attention. Health is important to attend. Being Determined, Being dedicated, being creatively inspired will take you so far.

LIBRA  Onset of the week, nudges you to balance you emotional world and practical world, attend both with realistic long term vision. Holding people together, keeping the love flow, and also bolstering the career endeavors, creativity, ideation is the need of the hour. Health related awareness to be taken seriously. People are important, hence is teaming up, collaboration and ways to grow deeper stronger connections, with social circle, intimate bonds.

SCORPIO  Opening the week with an emotional vibe, compassion and refusing to be closed off to love or kindness. New forms of communication and correspondence is theme for now and year long. Time to bring a balance in all areas of life, to focus on overall development is here this week, from health care regime, to furthering education, improving relationships and introspection, new endeavors of career. There is a need to shake up the long term relationships, leaving behind an unfulfilling pattern or a relationship.

SAGITTARIUS  It is time to creatively think, coin some ideas to further your career and monotony of relationships, love life. This is being realized at the onset. You may want to channelize your free spirited adventurous soul towards something productive. It is an opportunity to tend to connections and cultivate love , compassion in your immediate environment. Daily work can be made more innovative to be aligned to your long term financial goals. It is possible now, if you can discuss, take advice.

CAPRICORN It is time you bring your innate skill of rational and emotional balance. A balance of emotional energies, bringing security to your domestic life and loved ones will put you in stable position emotionally and help you to pursue the professional aspirations rationally. By the second part of the week you would feel your mojo, optimism, and a sense of clarity about which direction to take. Make sure you allow your mind to function from a creative zone and not limiting your ideas.

AQUARIUS  Be open to every learning opportunity, to hold intellectually stimulating discussions, brainstorming, to go ahead with your professional endeavors & financial security, you will be able to get rid of those insecure thoughts and be surprised at the many innovative ideas you can still consider. The tendency to self doubt can be easily replaced if you harness your energies to the full potential. It is time to take charge & embrace a never surrender attitude. The foundation which you relied upon is now going through a radical change which you can feel to the bone.

PISCES The beginning of the week may  give you a sense of multiple opportunities or it could be confusing thoughts. Perhaps at times clarity eludes you, but it is a fertile period to pick a direction or idea pursue it with undivided attention, you would be in for a new beginning that will not let you down. It is a conducive week to open up to people and their ideas, hold heart to heart discussion within relationships, or anywhere you feel stuck, communication lines are open for you. Act from a place of intuition, follow your heart you will find yourself in the right path, eventually. 

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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