March 8, 2021

Weekly Tarot Prediction – 26 Jan to 1st Feb 2020

ARIES  The week begins with an window to self reflect and contemplate.  Work and career area will be under focus inspiring you to gather more information  and up the learning curve. This week can also be stressful for professional achievements or the drudgery may look too cumbersome. Emotional balance could be required and fret not to take occasional time off to replenish.

TAURUS There could be a strong push to venture out, or do something out of the box this week. You would like to be adventurous. Aligning your visions with actions and  end results will give you better perspective. This is a personal new cycle. Anything you would wish for in long run begins here this week. Relationships are harmonious.

GEMINI  This week offers an window to heal the past difficulties pertaining to money, relationships to move forward. You will feel the  line up of opportunities and creative abundance, however  practical steps ahead need to be envisioned. Social circle, Groups , Friends, networking grows to your delight. Rewarding and uplifting situation comes from this area.

CANCER  You may be more in touch with the spiritual or emotional side of relationships, urging to connect at a deeper level with every individual important. Connecting with like minded people, exposing to higher learning, sharing will be rewarding. Unconventional approach will bring exciting results.

LEO  Taking into own power and using it to navigate through a toxicity of a relationship issue will help. There is a need for Work Life Balance, or a emotional balance. Find a innovative way to reclaim the power and peace of mind. The past experiences can be used as a learning curve. Work and Professional growth has a conducive weak. Get engaged in the small things of routine.

VIRGO A week to embrace your intellect, creativity, taking charge of life, being compassionate also drawing distinct boundaries.  The week begins with a dreamy and romantic vibe very favorable for relationships. You may be working on the discipline that you always take pride and take game changing steps towards goals. Perfectionist week.

LIBRA You are gaining your personal power this week. Communicating with people and within primary relationships is dependent on you entirely. There is a sign of improvement in a home situation of past. Emotional connection with a loved one could be difficult somewhere in mid of the week owing to busy schedule or work. Remaining in control and embracing the forgiving side of yours could be ideal.

SCORPIO There is a decision to be made this week regarding a lingering situation of Life. Connecting with your intuition and far sightedness would be ideal. It is week to embrace your inner child and focus on creativity or hobbies . Relationships, for few, may demand taking charge, and pushing for equal give and take or else let go off. Being assertive, creatively expressive will help you mark your comfortable territory.

SAGITTARIUS  Things may show signs of improvement and hopeful pertaining to any area of your life where you were disappointed in a long time. There could be small period of confusion regarding relationship matters or family,  sense of emotional security, that shall pass. This week allows you to embrace your inner child, the adventurous side of you and be creatively inspired. Things are slow, but moving forward for sure.

CAPRICORN  There could be mental clarity arriving this week regarding how you connect with people and how you should. You will be slowly, but surely gaining your personal power, and getting in  touch with your affectionate side towards self and others. Be creative about your steps forward at work or career. Your communication area is blessed and stronger this week.

AQUARIUS This  is a favorable week for business, career as innovative ideas and opportunities appear. Assessment of past and implementing those lessons in the coming week will provide mental clarity and healing where needed. There are possibilities of spiteful conditions as well due to confusion or sudden outburst. Reach to your subconscious and come out of the  mental reservations that stop you.

PISCES  If there are some emotional issues in relationships this may surface more strongly weighing emotional burden. There is a tendency to stray from rational thinking and getting more into day dreaming or a wandering mind. Conducive weak for creative ideas and artistic visions. Later part of the week passionate implementation of endeavors in career area will push you strongly.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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