May 16, 2021

Weekly Tarot Prediction 2ND Feb TO 8TH Feb 2020

ARIES  The week begins with focus on emotional balance, communication with others and how to assess the subconscious, inner self of yours putting you in a contemplative mood. Further as you progress, you would want to explore the fun side, to  find ways to be happy, expressing yourself more creatively.  Professionally you will be able to see hope and momentum towards your endeavors also some accolades could be in store for few.

TAURUS The week begins with a difference in what you expect and what you receive in matters of work, career and recognition. Progressing towards the end of week may need your attention towards something in home matters or personal Life. A better balance of both the worlds only will help restore emotional balance. Perhaps you may need some private  time to attend to your pressing duties.

GEMINI  The beginning of the week is favorable for work projects, career endeavors, business presentations and garnering support as well. It is also ideal time to network, spread your  reach, increase the number of allies, despite the same may look exhausting, you would be in receiving end of some bouquet of opportunities in near future.

CANCER  Professional and career realms has a conducive time from the mid week. You have better chances of creating a lasting impression on people. Some activity or serious examination is brewing in the area of material securities and income, reflect on your action plan. The beginning of the week however could throw you for a loop if you are not flexible in conversations.

LEO   Post mid week the weight of emotions would be felt, along with a support to express your thoughts authentically to your loved ones, helping you to connect better or ease a mental burden. Being explorative, adventurous and finding joy would be on your mind to release some emotional turmoil of past or pressure. Work and Career endeavors will where energies will be well spent. You would be more focused on your financial stability and security.

VIRGO The week invites you to get in touch with your grounded, focused, and disciplined approach towards your goals, Also do away with the restlessness or over the top enthusiastic vibes at times. Connecting with a romantic partner or spouse at a deeper level could be possible . The end of week  you would find solace in your privacy lost in own thoughts. Self reflection and reexamination could be ideal 

LIBRA   The week begins with an adventurous and bold outlook towards life. A blessed week for long term partnerships and primary partnerships. Expression will be fluid allowing you to connect at a deeper level with someone close. By the end of the week social network, collaborative efforts at work, friendships will have you thinking in many ways than one. Probably you are allowed to stop focusing on disappointments of past and look ahead.

SCORPIO A deep seated emotional issue or turmoil can have hope of improvement. Probably letting go of resistance and apprehensions to move forward in a sticky solution by communicating emotionally would be ideal. Further the monotony of daily routine may cease to exist making work and career related matters look positive and upbeat. Some reward is coming soon for many in that area. Have self faith and power in your abilities.

SAGITTARIUS  Emotional expressions regarding sticky family matters or within primary partnerships will be easier. Further as the week progresses you would be inclined towards taking matters of love more intensely. Being impulsive about your thoughts could make you restless. An urgency to break the monotony and being in touch with your adventurous side would be felt. You would feel bolder than before.

CAPRICORN  Communicating  compassionately with people of everyday life or work place would be ideal. Being in touch with your emotionally sensitive side is what would make the work and daily routine balanced. Collaborating, Teaming Up, will help. As the week progresses restoring the beauty of home Life, will be favorable. Coupled will have a peaceful and loving environment. Nurturing the people in your life will bring the week to a beautiful closure.

AQUARIUS Using Communication to further your professional interests, networking, expansion of ideas, will bring more favorable results than one. Add the emotional touch  to your detached side and you are in for a delightful surprise.  Your communication style will charm the audience. Be open to soak more information, to give support to your larger career goals. You may be  in a reflective mode to bring equal reciprocity in primary partnerships at end of week.

PISCES  You are in a authoritative position in your thoughts and able to communicate or express yourself more authentically. Expressing your emotions to Loved ones, and looking for ways for fun & happiness will bring you out from the pressure of the past. Bringing original ideas and adding a muscle to the income generating area will be supported by the cosmos too. Connecting with more people, expressing your ideas will bring more flavor to the professional plate.  

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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