May 25, 2020

When Rahul Sharma Dresses Up Like Deity/God To Scare Corona Away

The corona virus outbreak has kept everyone home for over 2 months now. While it seemed like a break for everybody initially, but people now want to get back to their normal lives and step out of their homes. As a feeling of restlessness has set in, people are praying earnestly towards bettering their situation.

Trying to do his bit at helping people have faith, Rahul Sharma who plays the lead role on Pyar Ki Luka Chuppi on Dangal TV posted a picture of himself dressed as a deity who has come on earth to save everybody from coronavirus.

He captioned the picture saying,” God landed on Earth to defeat Corona. I wish he really came down to save us from this situation.”

This quirky take on the serious situation in the country brought a smile on the faces of his fans and managed to gather a lot of likes.

We hope God takes inspiration from Rahul Sharma and actually comes down and helps us out of this situation.

The link to his post:

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