July 28, 2021

When Will Corona End and How to Protect Yourself from This Deadly Virus

 Corona virus has placed the world on its knees and the calamity is still on the rise. With the third wave knocking at the door, people have become more cautious and is doing every little thing to keep this menace at bay. As it is said that when nothing works, faith in God and trust is the only way out, many individuals have taken resort to astrology and other occult practices to find when will this pandemic end.

Though this is an uncertain question but Dr. Acharya Vinod Kumar Ojha, who is a renowned and celebrity astrologer and Vaastu Consultantbased in Delhi has predicted that “Corona will start losing its effect from the end of the July and we all need to be more alert in the month of the July as this is the time when corona would be more powerful.”  This is happening because of Rahu transiting in Taurusand retrograde of Pluto, said Acharya Ojha.

Since planetary movements is not in our hand but we can follow some astrological advice as told by the experts apart from the government mandate.

• Make a swastika symbol with red vermilion and place it at the entrance of the main gate. The Swastika symbol will protect you from any negativity and will act as a protection.

• Cleanliness is the priority and one should mop the floor using rock salt in water at-least twice a day.

• Chant Navarna Mantra to stay positive during these tough times.

• Numerology also has a special significance and the biggest problem that people face during Corona is negativity. Write these numbers below with blue ink on your left palm to feel at ease during pandemic.

o 42 41 750

o 71 72 510

o 13 13 514

o 24 27 483


• Chant The Mahamrityunjay Mantra or the Kunjitha Padam Saranam.

• Place a symbol of swastika or write the Mahamrityunjay Mantra on a piece of paper and place it under the bed of the affected person to provide relief.

  • Also be sure to place the head of the ill person towards the East and use only black salt or rock salt in his food.

Moreover, one should stay positive during these tough times and should not loose hope. Remember bad days are not forever and after every dark night it is the dawn that brings hope and aspirations with it.

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