Yeh Hai India Receives a Great Response from the Critics

IMDB’s most awaited film has dropped in today and is gliding on positive reviews. The movie which narrates the story of an NRI who when visits India is sickened by the issues that have plagued the nation and ventures out to change the country. The movie has been applauded at Cannes and has seized awards of the best director and best film award at FOG USA Film Festival.
The movie is a perfect amalgamation of beautiful camera movements and a compelling story. Director Lomharsh has displayed superior cinematic skills and has crafted a movie beyond imagination. The impeccable screenplay does a good job of keeping you engaged in the story.

In terms of acting, the Gavie Chahal has made full use of his character arch to display his brilliant acting skills. Deana Uppal has matched Gavie’s acting skills with equally brilliant acting. Both the actor has beautiful chemistry between them.
The soulful music will drive you to a world that is almost magical. Music Director Raja Hassan has a create a musical ensemble that will strike the chords of your heart.

The movie gives off a strong message of world peace and will move you to work towards the betterment of the country

“Soulful music. Brilliant Storytelling.” – Bollywood Chronicle

“Show’s the new India’s Mindset to the world.” – Filmy Mantra.

“This time for India. Pride and Proudful film.” – Bollywood Society

“Go watch it for your Nation” – Amit Bachchan, Starworld News

“Yeh Hai India is an incredible cinematic craft.” – ICN National

“A must watch with an entire family. The glory of India and pride of Indians.” – Telechaska

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