August 11, 2020

Yes! Children can also suffer from joint problems

Juvenile arthritis
Yes! Children can also suffer from joint problems

New dimension for treating childhood arthritis-Exosomes

New delhi. Children sometimes complain about aches in their joints. A joint is where the ends of bones meet, such as the knee joint, shoulder joint, or the small joints in the fingers and toes. Joint pain in children can be caused by a variety of things.
An umbrella term for a group of chronic childhood arthritides of unknown cause, in children below sixteen years of age, and persisting for at least six weeks
Juvenile arthritis (JA) is an autoimmune disease, which means the immune system of the body attacks the cells of the joints and causes swelling and cartilage/bone damage. The condition is not a single entity but an umbrella of inflammatory and rheumatic diseases, and in instances the cause is unknown (idiopathic JA).

Dr. Pradeep V. Mahajan, Regenerative Medicine Researcher, Mumbai share Diagnosis and treatment on it .

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