May 16, 2021

Yukti Kapoor gets claustrophobic while shooting a scene for &TV’s Laal Ishq

Yukti Kapoor who portrayed the character of a goonish wife in &TV’s show Agnifera is now all set to essay the role of an innocent girl wanting to decipher the secret behind a haunted cupboard. The upcoming episode of &TV’s Laal Ishq will see Yukti in the role of a sweet, simple girl who experiences paranormal incidents occurring inside a house. To shoot the scene, the actor had to lock herself in the cupboard and soon she started feeling claustrophobic and dizzy but managed to get the shot right.

Talking about it, Yukti said, “While we were shooting for the episode my character Shweta had to get inside a cupboard to decode secrets of the paranormal accidents taking place in the house. I don’t like small enclosures and spaces. The moment I got inside it, I started panicking and feeling giddy as it was dark and damped. But I managed to get a hold on myself to get the perfect shot. It was one hell of an experience and I’ll remember it for a long time.”

Hats off to you Yukti for overcoming your fear of closed spaces! It takes professionalism and commitment to go beyond one’s comfort zone.

The upcoming episode will showcase Yukti Kapoor a.k.a Shweta entering the house of Vikram Sakhalkar a.k.a Vihaan to unravel the hidden secrets in the house for years. Though her intent was not to find an answer, she is left with no option after one of the spirits in the cupboard traps her inside the house. How will Shweta set herself free and discover the mysteries behind the haunted cupboard?

To know more, tune in to the thrilling episode Laal Ishq on Sunday at 10 pm only on &TV!

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